In modern life, people want to develop all equipment and objects whether they are personal property or public infrastructure in the direction of saving costs. The replacement of conventional street lights with Solar LEDs is contributing to energy saving and reducing environmental pollution.

1. Definition

      Solar street light is the system using solar energy to generate electricity to power outdoor light, also known as solar lighting system. Solar street light is widely used in developed countries because they will save mineral resources and take advantage of clean energy from solar energy.

Solar street light

2. Operation principle

      The street lighting system in urban areas is completely similar to the independent solar energy system. The difference of the lighting system is that the load is “self-sufficient”, so it is usually the bulbs using DC current. This time battery provides power directly without via the inverter.

Solar street light


      – In daytime, the panels mounted on the solar light get energy from the sun, the controller both stabilizes the voltage and controls the battery level in the battery to determine the charging current.

    – In the evening at a designated time, the controller completely disconnects the charge and turns on the lights, until an appointed time the device is turned off (usually from 18:00 pm to 5:00 am the next morning). As such, the Solar Light is similar to the independent Solar System.


3. Advantages

   – LED lights manufactured at the factory are durable, use less electricity but have wider and brighter lighting.
   – Smart system, lights automatically turn on at night and turn off during the day thanks to the sunlight sensing, reducing ½ capacity when there is not enough electricity.
   – Simple to install, inexpensive and complicated as the traditional light construction.
   – Absolutely safe, no risk of danger from direct current.
   – Enhance the image, highlight the green orientation and modernity of the construction
   – Use clean energy.

Solar street light

4. Suitable installation areas

   – Park
   – Industrial area
   – Stadiums
   – Car park
   – Around residential area
   With the development of technology, Smart Solar Street Light – outdoor lighting solution is increasingly developed and widely applied. With advanced features such as economical, safe, stable operation, durable, easy to install, no need for electricity grid, no monthly electricity costs, fully automatic operation, low maintenance cost.

Solar street light

      Titasa is a supplier of Solar Street Light and professional assembly support. In addition, Titasa also provides other solar devices such as: Inverter, Solar panel, and some auxiliary devices.



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