1. Definition

      Solar Battery is also known as Photovoltaic cell (Solar panel) include many photoelectric cell (solar cells) – is a semiconductor element containing on the surface a large number of light sensors that are photodiodes, which convert light energy into electrical energy. The amperage, voltage, or resistance of a solar cell varies depending on the amount of light shining on them. Photoelectric cells are assembled into blocks to become solar cells. Photoelectric cells are capable of operating under sunlight or artificial light.

Solar Battery

2. Installation location

      Solar Panels are installed on the roofs of buildings or constructions. The place that absorbs the most sunlight. The system converts solar energy from absorbed sunlight into electricity. This power is used as regular grid electricity. Solar Panels are a system of special material panels that converts the solar energy of sunlight into electricity. The panels are made of high-performance photovoltaic cells with a capacity of 20 – 310Wp and an average life of 30 years.

Solar Panels are installed on the roofs of buildings or construction

3. Specifications

– Model
– Efficiency
– Common capacity
– Number of cell per panel
– Cell size
– Cell type
– Maximum voltage
– Required temparature
– Frame material
– Panel average life

      On a sunny day, the sun provides about 1 kW / m² / 1 hour to the ground (when the sun is glossy with the clear sky), then every hour every kWp of solar cell will produce 1kWh of electricity, there are 4-5 hours per day on average. Whether or not the capacity of a system is good depends on how we connect the solar panels together, how to place the panels, related devices like wires …

4. Advantages

Create green energy

      Sunlight is a natural energy source familiar to everyone. Thanks to solar panels, that natural energy is converted into electricity to serve human life. Reducing the overload for the nation’s electricity grid. Overcoming the shortage of electricity for production and living needs.

The price of solar panels is cheap, bring high efficiency

      Solar panels are quite cheap. So the cost to install the system for household, company, factory … very reasonable. With a low investment capital, the use efficiency is high. Minimize installation system costs, no need maintenance, durability up to over 30 years. Solar battery help customers save a lot of money on monthly electricity bills.

Environmental friendliness

      A plus point for solar panel is to create a clean, environmentally friendly energy source. It contributes to environmental protection, minimizing pollutant waste causing the greenhouse effect.

Long term use

      Titasa has a long-term warranty up to 30 years with solar panels. That is the commitment for the quality and durability of the product provided to customers. In addition, Titasa accompanies customers in using the product period, and provides additional monthly cleaning service to help clean the surface of the panels, helping the battery to receive the maximum sun energy.

 Solar battery manufacturing facility in Japan
Solar battery manufacturing facility in Japan

     Solar panels installed outdoors to get the best sunlight should be produced with special features and materials, able to withstand the rigors of weather, climate, temperature …

     Titasa is a supplier of solar panels and professional assembly support. In addition, Titasa also provides other solar equipment such as: inverter, solar street light, and some auxiliary devices.



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