1. Installation Conditions

   – The roof installation area is convenient for infrastructure and in compliance with the government’s regulations on installation of rooftop solar power system.
   – The ground area suitable for investing items in installing rooftop solar power system.
   – Convenient for gathering materials and operating as well as connecting to the national electricity system.

Install solar energy on the roof
Install solar energy on the roof

2. Install solar energy on the roof

      Solar energy is a natural and endless source of energy. We can harness and use this source of energy without having to worry about being exhausted. No need to store water as hydroelectricity, no environmental pollution and fuel consumption as thermoelectricity. Solar energy is really extremely valuable gift that nature has bestowed.

       According to practical calculations, the use of solar energy for businesses can save up to 90% of electricity costs compared to using conventional electricity. Meanwhile, the peak commercial electricity price can reach more than 4,000 VND / kWh. In addition, there is still enough electricity to sell to Vietnam Electricity Corporation (EVN) within 20 years, the electricity price is more than 2,000 VND / kWh.

 Using solar electricity helps save costs
Using solar electricity helps save costs

3. Service

      Green energy source is the current common trend and is considered to be the main source of energy in the future, typically solar energy. Therefore, if businesses use green energy, there will be more opportunities to cooperate in investment and increase profits, quickly affirm the brand and enhance the reputation in the market. Titasa is a leading company in solar power installation technology in the south. Titasa specializes in providing quality products made in Japan. In addition, Titasa also cooperated with Japanese engineers to train Titasa’s staff.


     The above projects bring a lot of utilities to customer, Titasa also often inspects and maintains the equipment, so even after using for more than 3 years, the equipment has not incurred damage or error during use.

4. Commitment

Fast and accurate construction

        In the process of receiving the request for solar power installation from customers, Titasa will analyze whether the installation location is eligible for solar power equipment installation or not? Titasa will guide you the most suitable solar power generation system for the installation area.

Clear and accurate cost calculation

     After analyzing the installation location, Titasa will accurately estimate the cost of implementation based on the basic design after determining the condition of the roof, how to install solar energy

Safety and security. Careful construction

      Titasa’s person in charge of construction will report on the progress over time and Titasa is responsible for ensuring safe construction in order to make customers peace of mind.

Maintenance for long-term stable operation

      Quality but maintenance-based solar power generation systems are essential to ensure stable operation over a long period of time. Titasa recommends regular maintenance of the photovoltaic system.

Titasa regularly inspect and maintain the equipment
Titasa regularly inspect and maintain the equipment



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