Pucheng Solar Power Plant Project is built by LONGi Group – Titasa’s main partner in the field of Solar Energy, this project was built at an altitude of 431m at Liujiagou Village, Yongfeng Town, Pucheng District, Shaanxi Province, China. Covering an area of approximately 1 km2 (1,484 mu), the project currently has an installed capacity of 40MWp and is equipped with mono-crystalline solar modules. In addition to its 40 Solar Panels, this Solar Power Plant also has a booster station in its southwest area, where there is a complex, staff dormitories and 10kV indoor power distribution facilities.

Pucheng Solar Power Plant

      The project involves the installation of the following facilities: 40MWp PV modules, thirty 2*500kW inverters, ten 1MW inverters, forty box-type transformer substations and 2,000-ton equipment supports. In order to effectively increase the power generation capacity and raise the project’s yield rate, through multiple discussion and argumentation, we conclude that fixed adjustable system and automatic tracking system should be adopted to help install project-use equipments.

Pucheng Solar Power Plant

      Upon completion, this Solar Power Plant can offer 58.58 million kWh to the power grid per year. Compared with a thermal power plant with the same power generation capacity, it can save 19,300 tons of standard coal (based on the average standard coal consumption of 330g/kW•h) and subsequently reduce the emission of various air pollutants. In particular, it will reduce 3,439.58 tons of S02; 56,200 tons of CO2; 1,695.62 tons of NOX, as well as 935.78 tons of smoke and dust on a yearly basis. Meanwhile, it will also save a huge amount of fresh water.

      Titasa is LONGi’s partner in Vietnam market. Titasa specializes in providing construction consulting services for installing solar power systems and trading some products such as: Solar Panel, Solar Inverter, Solar Street Light …



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