TITASA received an office design and building request for MekongData Software Development Company in mid-April 2018, With the requirement to build a professional office with more than 300m2 in Can Tho Lottery Building and completed before May 9 to proceed with the opening. Through the process of actual exchange and survey TITASA captured the wishes of MekongData Company and signed a service contract.

Main Door of MekongData Software Development Company Office
MekongData Software Development Company Office

After completing the procedure, TITASA design team came to work with MekongData to draft the office design and propose design options to ensure the following elements: feng shui, open space, dynamic and creative environment. In working process, there are also many difficulties because the location of MekongData Office located on the 12th floor has many construction materials that cannot be moved by elevator but must be brought up by stairs. That greatly affects the construction progress of this project.

     MekongData Company Office is designed with open space – breaking the gap between inside and outside, eliminating the restrained traditional walls. An open office will provide an airy and spacious working environment for employees to express their creativity freely; increase communication between people in the office, thereby increasing team cohesion and improving work efficiency.

Tables and chairs are arranged neatly
Tables and chairs are arranged neatly

     The tables, chairs and devices are neatly arranged according to 5S culture in Japanese workplace (Sort – Set In order – Shine – Standardize – Sustain) creates discipline for the office, and brings a sense of comfort for personnel thereby increasing work productivity and saving workspace.

Some pictures of MekongData Software Development Company Office Project

Workspace for employees
Workspace for employees
MekongData Office’s Canteen
Canteen is cool and bright
  MekongData Office’s Meeting Room
Large meeting room
  MekongData Office’s Trainning Room
MekongData Office’s Trainning Room
 MekongData's  small corner of the canteen
A small corner of the canteen
Green Space At MekongData Office
Green Space At MekongData Office

      Despite many difficulties, with the professional working spirit of TITASA, the team worked day and night to ensure the project completed as required and the schedule committed with MekongData Company. MekongData is also very pleased with TITASA’s service and introduced a few other projects for TITASA



Address: 2nd Floor, 3S Building, 91B Residential Area, 81 Nguyen Hien Street, An Khanh Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City.

Hotline: 02923 781 483 – 0939 866 288



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