1. Trade and distribution

   – Conducting proprietary trading activities in goods trading.
   – Import and export goods trading activities
   – Trading in diversified commodities and services provided to manufacturers, distributors and consumers.
   – TITASA is ready to become your trade partner.
      The system of warehouses and distribution centers gives TITASA the advantage of fast delivery to help the supply chain be uninterrupted.

Trade and distribution

2. Entrusted Import-Export

   – TITASA with many years of experience in foreign trade and import-export trade with a professional team will help import and export activities of customer be more favorable.
   – TITASA professional Import-Export team is fluent in the regulations of import and export field.
   – Experienced support system
   – Authorize a full or partial
   – Consulting entrusted import and export activities
   – In entrusted import and export services, we perform the following tasks:
      + On behalf of customers signing foreign trade contracts, making foreign trade payments. Consulting, introducing international guests, items for customers in case customers are looking for partners.
      + Consulting import and export procedures, on behalf of customers to complete import and export procedures, forwarder at the port.
      + Working with customers to resolve complaints against foreign customers.
      + Trust fees are reasonable based on the value of the shipment.
      + Consulting, financing for customers in the payment – the rate and duration depending on the reputation of the customer.

Entrusted Import-Export

3. Cargo transshipment, temporary import for re-export

   – Transshipment and temporary import for re-export are professional services provided to international customers.
   – Customers are completely satisfied with the process of forwarding import and export goods to ensure timely progress. We aim to provide services that exceed customer expectation.
   – A professional staff skilled in cargo transshipment and temporary import/re-export will make customers and partners satisfied. Technical facilities such as warehouses, factories, ports, diversified means of transportation will meet all needs.

Cargo transshipment, temporary import for re-export



Address: 2nd Floor, 3S Building, 91B Residential Area, 81 Nguyen Hien Street, An Khanh Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City.

Hotline: 02923 781 483 – 0939 866 288



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